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2007-08-12 20:14:56 by cookie-monsta1

no not literally but soon i am going to be doing WAR games in the woods in my area (A minute part of the forest i live in)

We will have the whole set up flash bangs smoke grenades and frags wich when explode fire BB pelets everywere

we wont be using paintball guns



really...fuckin...powerful one's

lets put it like this we go into the forest in teams hunt each other down in armor and shoot each other these BB pelets leave huge bruises even after hitting the armor

this is in a bid to not only get to shoot things but to get fit and healthy cause lord knows i aint in the best shape

Well thats all i gotta say ill update you how it goes not this weekend the weekend after next

wish me luck

im gunna get shot...shit loads cause this is with 20-35 year olds who have been doing this shit loads

bugger im fucked